BREATHE Self help Update : 8

We often receive enquiries from job agency workers who have been working and have have fallen ill and became unfit for work during an assignment. It’s common for some agencies to direct these workers to make claims for sickness benefits – either ESA or Universal Credit. However, If you are sick for four days in a row and earn on average £116 per week (before tax), you should be able to claim statutory sick pay for the length of your current assignment, providing you can provide sick notes. Depending on your overall circumstances, you may also be entitled to claim help towards your rent and council tax liabilities (Universal Credit or Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support). Breathe does not provide employment advice but if you have any queries regarding your employment, you can get information by calling the ACAS helpline on 0300 123 1100. Breathe can give you free, impartial and confidential advice and information about benefit entitlements if you have to go of work sick, and you can access our services via, or by calling 0121 384 2333.