cropped-Trasnparent-logo.pngIf you need to make a claim for benefit,  it’s important to know that the postcode areas covered by both Perry Barr and Erdington Jobcentre Plus became ‘Full Service Areas’ for Universal Credit in December 2017. This means that any new claims that you would have made for the following benefits - Income Based JSA, Income Based ESA, Housing Benefit, Child Tax Credits, Working Tax Credits and Income Support – will now have to be a claim for Universal Credit. This includes where you have a change of circumstances. Claims for Universal Credit only relate to families where there are less than 3 children, and the rules regarding a change of circumstance can be confusing. We can give you advice on this and whether you would be expected to claim Universal Credit if your circumstances have changed and also give you information on how to make a claim. We will be posting further updates as Universal Credit is rolled out in the area, and what type of enquiries we are receiving as a result in the future. For further advice and assistance, call the Breathe Project on  0121 384 2333, or via email; The above information is intended to be a guide only and you should receive specific advice based on your personal circumstances before you decide what course of action you take.