BVSC Volunteer Awards 2017 At Soho House

Volunteer Celebration Logo 2017



We are pleased to announce that Kathleen McCarty was Runner Up in this year’s Community Volunteer of the Year Award. Kathleen has been an active member of the community and Christ the King Parish for many years.  Well done Kathleen.

We are also pleased to announce that Sean and Noran Flynn were Runner’s Up in this Year’s Long –term Volunteer of the Year Award. Sean and Noran are also active members of the community and Christ the King Parish.  Sean is Chairman of the Board of Trustees for New Heights.  Well done Sean and Noran.  Unfortunately, Sean and Noran were not able to attend the ceremony.  John McGorman (Trustee) attended on their behalf.

On behalf of Christ the King Parish and New Heights Warren Farm Community Project, thank you for your continued support and dedication to improving the lives of others.