The History of Kingstanding – Part 2

Within Kingstanding lies a former roman road. Although now covered by a modern road surface, Icknield Street (also referred to as Ryknild Street) is what remains of a Roman Road. The road is documented to have been built between 68 -180AD, with a route of 125 miles which runs roughly south-west to north-east. It said to run from the Fosse Way in Gloucestershire through to South Yorkshire . At the time of building the road, these locations were sites of major Roman encampment in England.

Icknield Street passes through Alcester, Redditch, Birmingham, Kingstanding, Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield, Burton upon Trent and Derby, before going on to South Yorkshire. The map below confirms the roads route through the area which was to become Kingstanding – with Warren Farm to its East and Old Oscott to its West. We can see that it largely follows the route of the current ‘Kingstanding Road’.

It also shows Warren Farm & St Mary’s RC College New Oscott to its East and Old Oscott & Kettle House Farm to its West.

Romans Roads of Kingstanding

Sutton Park contains the only preserved section of Icknield Street Roman Road. It runs in an area of the park between the Royal Oak Gate and exits close to the Streetly Gate.

Cambered Section of Roman Road in Sutton Park – January 2019