A History of Kingstanding – Part 5

House development


Below is a photo of Mr William Henry Wilson (Person on right of picture below). Mr Wilson owned a plastering company that undertook contracts in the building of homes in the Warren Farm area.


Members of William Henry Wilson Plastering Company



When Neville Chamberlain, a former Birmingham city councillor / Lord Mayor and now Edgbaston MP, opened the city’s 40,000th council home in 1933 he spoke with much local pride and only a little exaggeration of:

“An achievement on the part of Birmingham which has no parallel in this or any other country”.


This comment made headline news in The Birmingham Gazette (the local paper of the time) in 1933.  The headline celebrated the building of the housing estates and read:

Birmingham’s Interwar Council House Building: an ‘achievement without parallel’




Within a decade the Kingstanding area came to comprise an almost unbroken series of new municipal estates consisting of, Kettlehouse, Witton Lodge Farm and Oscott. This equated to almost 10,000 homes with a population the size of Shrewsbury