A History of Kingstanding

New Heights has been lucky enough to receive funding from the Heritage Fund to undertake further research and develop local knowledge on the history of Kingstanding. This project is based on on the previous project completed in 2019 and further explores local resident memories, current sites of historical interest and the evolution of the local area and community over the last 100 years. 

We have dedicated all of March 2021 to celebrate the rich history, culture and evolution within our local area. We will be sharing with you weekly instalments of our research and information, all which will be FREE to download.   

To mark the end of the project, we will be celebrating with FREE celebration project packs containing a cream tea box and copy of the updated history booklet (in paper or electronic formats). Information on how to register for a Free pack will be shared on Friday 12th March.

We encourage you to download our weekly Heritage Health walking maps and information sheets and start your own journey exploring some of the magnificent sites of Kingstanding. 

Week 1 – 

What’s in a name?


Romen Road walk map.


Do we really have a Roman Road?


Podcasts 1-4

Podcast 1- Welcome! 


Podcast 2- Kingstanding Prehistoric Monument 


Podcast 3- The Old Roman Road. 


Podcast 4- Background and Development! 


Week 2-


Join us on our walk over on our Youtube channel- 


Maryvale Institute Map


What is Maryvale institute?


Podcasts 5-8

Podcast 5- People of Kingstanding 


Podcast 6- Kingstandings significant buildings  


Podcast 7- Perry bar reservoir 


Podcasts 8- Maryvale house, old Oscott 


Week 3 –

What is the Bowl Barrow?


Join us on our walk over on our Youtube channel-  https://youtu.be/_Kw8mOcxCsI

Bowl Barrow map.

Podcasts 9-10

Podcast 9- Kingstanding baths


Podcast 10- Churches in Kingstanding


Week 3- 

We would like to say a massive thank you to the National Heritage Lottery to supporting our dive into the rich history of Kingstanding. We hope everyone has enjoyed this journey with us. We will be providing New Heights USBs with our revised History of Kingstanding books.  

Contact enquiries@new-heights.org.uk for more information and to request a USB. 

Podcast 11- Kingstanding today

The History of Kingstanding booklet ready to download –

Revised booklet -A History of Kingstanding