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In November, Biffaward nominated us as a finalist in the Best Building for Community and Culture category

They met to discuss some of the issues they faced.   Afraid of crime, fed up of vandalism against their homes and Church, sometimes isolated, but still concerned for others, they discussed what they could do to effect change.



Established in 2004, we aim to play a key part in empowering a socially deprived community, with complex problems, to find and manage solutions to their predicaments.

We want our community to be vibrant with high aspirations for all groups within.



Double Victory for New Heights!

Among 600 nominees in the UK, we are the winner of the Everyday Impact Award for Long-term Enterprises.

The presentation was at the DSC Social Change awards office in London.


We also won the Natwest CommunityForce award!

Thank you so much to all those who voted for us, particularly those who took the time to go through the complicated voting system for the Natwest award. These awards will enable us to help hundreds of people in our community!


Thank you to everyone who has voted for us in the NCF Awards!